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Previous Projects

Over the years, AniMedics worked on several projects varying in size. Here are just a view examples to give you an idea of the work AniMedics does.

Assesment Bahrain

AniMedics did an assessment to stray animal population in 2009 and 2010 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, after which good prognoses could be made for the population growth in the coming years. The Public Commission for the protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife supports the outcome of the assessment and agrees with implementing a TNR program.

Set Up Ranger Division

In 2010 the Public Commission for the protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife, from the Kingdom of Bahrain asked AniMedics to make a full report for setting up a Sea Rangers division. The report was handed out to the Director General Dr. Adel Zayani and will be implemented in the near future.

Mobile Cinic TNR

In 2008 AniMedics put a mobile clinic and team in place in order to help local charities with TNR activities in the Netherlands and Belgium. In total over 1500 surgeries where performed.

Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico

During the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, local volunteers connected to AniMedics helped in the recovery and rescue of numerous oiled birds.

Assesment Romania

In 2008 AniMedics was hired by an American organization to make an assessment in Iasi, Romania. With an upcoming harsh winter, a shelter needed to be build. AniMedics made an assessment and report, together with building templates for a good shelter with limited funds.

Kosovo war

AniMedics was the first international NGO to enter Kosovo and make a full assessment of the stray animal population. In close cooperation with the only shelter in Kosovo we were able to make an extended report and held meetings with the temporary government to improve animal legislation. Parts of the report where published by WSPA.

Israel-Lebanon conflict

After the Israel Lebanon war, AniMedics send out a team to Beirut to help the first animal charity in Lebanon called BETA. All animals in their shelters where treated and neutralized. During our stay AniMedics became part of a rescue which was later broadcasted on national TV.