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Sea Life Rescue Team

Marine environments and their inhabitants are under a constant threat by growing transports over seas, search for oil in oceans, increasing tourism and other humen activities.
Oil spills, natural disasters, usage fishing nets and traps, it all has effect on our marine environment and marine life.

Set up Legal Divisions

Our marine biologists and ecologists can provide governments with extended reports of the current situation of their marine environment, the effects over time, and measures that should or could be taken. Our rescuers provide extended skills for the rescue and rehabilitation of various species of marine mammals. Setting up rescue centres, training and educating local citizens will contribute to a rich marine environment and restoration of habitats. In cooperation with our legal division, AniMedics is able to set up legal divisions such as the Sea Rangers© to enforce the law for the protection of environments and species.

Large Network

AniMedics has a large global network and is recommended by the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre in the Netherlands. Tasks that can be executed by our specialists are e.g.: assessing environments, reporting damage to environments, restoring strategies, mapping and monitoring mammal populations, tagging mammals and sea turtles, setting up rescue and rehabilitation centres, setting up and train local oil spill response teams and much more.

Green Turtle being removed and determined