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AniMedics ICMAA

International Crisismanagement for Animal Aid

In large scale crisis such as bushfires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes,
volcano-eruptions and even wars, many people become victim.
Within minimum of time, international organizations are there to
help them. We have learned that in this process animals are often
forgotten, passing by the emotional meaning of pets to people, especially
in difficult times. Maybe even more important is the rescue of livestock,
which can provide food and independence.

In 2005 AniMedics started to work on a Rapid Response Team, which was
fully compliant to the UN''s Ocha Insarag guidelines for USAR teams. By doing
so we could make a strong statement that animals should be included in rescue
programs. Today we see that some of the worlds largest animals welfare organisations
have adapted this idea and form a strong coalition during disasters.

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