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How we work

In general there are two ways that AniMedics gets involved in projects or programs.

1. NGO’s and governments approach us for cooperation in projects

2. We scan global news and offer our help where needed

NGO’s or governments approach us

Whenever there is a need for help or assistance, AniMedics can do it. This

can be a simple thing as sending out a Vet to assist in a local shelter,but

also as complicated as assisting and advising in setting up different kind

of small or big projects. AniMedics can send out either a single person or

a whole team, depending on the request. For a complete overview of the

possibilities, please check our Projects & Tasks page.

If you would like our assistance or advice contact us by using our

contact page or call us:

AniMedics ICMAA

Dispatch centre

mobile: 00 31 (0)6 – 438 561 82

fax: 00 31 (0)84 – 727 07 65

Skype: animedics

Bank: ING Bank Nijkerk

Account nr: 6068489


IBAN: NL51INGB0006068489